Concerned About Purchasing Cemetery Space In A Growing City? What Are Some Innovative Burial Options?

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If a friend or relative’s recent death has you contemplating your own final wishes, you may be wondering whether you’ll be able to afford space in your local cemetery when the time comes. With many urban areas in the U.S. far outpacing the rest of the country when it comes to population growth, cemeteries in these locations are becoming more and more crowded — and when space is at a premium, prices can rise. Fortunately, many cities are coming up with innovative ways to help handle increased demand for cemetery space. Read on to learn more about some advances in cemetery technology that may be coming to an area near you soon, as well as some creative options that can help keep your legacy alive. What are some burial options designed for urban areas? Although the largest cities in the U.S. can sometimes seem impossibly crowded, the population density of these cities often doesn’t hold a candle to that of other locations around the world. One city in Israel is combating this population growth by designing a “skyward cemetery” that will help create stackable graves in a green and aesthetically-pleasing tower. These structures can come in a number of designs and capacities and are likely to begin popping up in many urban areas due to their small footprint and minimal wasted space. As a bonus, skyward cemeteries are ideal locations to grow plants and flowers especially good at helping clean city air. In Mexico City, the idea of a vertical cemetery takes another direction as a vertical buried cemetery reaches deep into the ground. One advantage to this buried cemetery is its ability to expand — as spaces around the perimeter of the cemetery begin to fill, the vertical cemetery can be dug deeper (or wider) to create even more space without expanding the footprint. These burial spaces are relatively inexpensive to dig out and should be a good option for those looking for a burial on a budget. Other areas have gone headstone-free entirely, replacing these headstones with global positioning system (GPS) devices that can help lead you to your loved one’s burial site through an app on your smartphone or hand-held unit provided by the cemetery. This can allow you to mark your loved one’s grave with flowers or a special plant, but without shelling out the money for a headstone or taking up valuable surface space. What are some other burial options that can help minimize your costs? If you’d like a more natural burial, you may want to consider purchasing a plot in a “green” cemetery. These cemeteries don’t permit the use of embalming or other body preservation techniques and will only accept caskets made of biodegradable materials, like wicker or untreated wood. Over time, your body and casket will decompose, enriching the earth and allowing others to later be buried in the same space you once occupied. As urban areas continue to expand, it’s likely that more and more cities will switch to the green cemetery model. Another option is to donate your body for use in forensic research by being placed at a “body farm” after your death. These farms are large, cordoned-off areas of land associated with college or university research programs. Bodies are placed in various locations around the farm and observed...

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5 Cremation Memorials Ideal for Book Lovers

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A loved one that enjoyed reading would spend years get immersed in books. Once the person has passed, it’s normal to celebrate and embrace their favorite hobby through a celebration of life. As you choose cremation services for your loved ones, it’s important to think about what you will do with the ashed remains. When specifically considering book lovers, there are five different tributes that focus on the loved ones and their fascination with reading. Browse through to help brainstorm ideas for the cremated remains. Book Safe A lot of book lovers typically have a home library filled with their favorite titles. Once you receive the bagged remains, you can make your loved one a part of that shelf. A concealed book safe is a great way to store the ashes of a person. It i a nice dedication that can become the centerpiece of a home library. There are a lot of tutorials for making your own book safe, but it’s probably easier to purchase a premade safe that can lock. This will ensure that the remains stay intact while positioned on the shelf. The spine of the book safe is another selection option you can make. You can select a title of the person’s favorite book or something more general like the Bible. Cremation Book Ends Another option for showcasing the remains of a book lover is through the use of cremation book ends. When a body is cremated, the remains can be stored in a small statue. When split among two statues, you can use them both as book ends. Statues are made of durable materials like marble and bronze. This can help protect the ashes and keep them durable for years to come. When choosing the statue design, you can choose a religious symbol, various animal designs, or feature a personalized memorial box with custom pictures on the outside. Once delivered, you can display the person’s favorite books between the two book ends. Future generations can look back and read the same stories as the loved one to help share a connection together. Book Quotes If you are choosing a traditional urn for the cremation remains, then there are still ways to cater to the person’s love of books. By having the urn engraved, you can add a personal touch. For book lovers, an ideal engraving would be one of the person’s favorite quotes from a book. If you are unsure of the person’s favorite quote, then it’s easy to search online and find great quotes to use. For example, you can select from some of the popular quotes of all-time or do a specific author search. Take your time to pick a quote that feels meaningful and will last for years to come. Work with other family and friends on a proper quote selection. Book Ashes When a person gets buried, it’s not uncommon to be fitted in a favorite outfit of piece of jewelry. Take things one step further by having a book cremated with the person. It will be impossible to decipher the difference between book ashes and human ashes, but knowing that the book was with the person can add a special touch. Even if the book was not burned at the original cremation, you can burn a book yourself until...

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